Optimized LinkedIn Profile

With over a decade of data hiring insight, we align your LinkedIn profile flawlessly with industry demands, amplifying your visibility and prospects.



How It Works?

Stand out with a profile aligned to your dream data job. We elevate your profile into a powerful tool that spotlights your skills, experience, and passion creating intrigue with hiring managers/recruiters, opening doors to new opportunities.

Share Your Data Job Goals

Unveil your aspirations by sharing the data job titles and corresponding job descriptions of the roles that you're aiming for

Reveal Your Arsenal

Share your LinkedIn profile with our team for an assessment. Your resume should also be shared as additional information.

Data Expert Consultation

A Data Scientist from our team will meet with you to understand your career aspirations, and ask questions.

Collaborate with Our Data Experts

Our team of data aficionados design a keyword-optimized LinkedIn Profile, presenting your skills and experience as a perfect match for your target roles that you review and greenlight.

Custom Delivery

Your LinkedIn profile updates will arrive in a user-friendly format, ready to copy and paste into your profile.

Embark with Confidence

Armed with your polished LinkedIn profile, stride confidently toward your data-driven ambitions, holding a distinct edge in your quest for your dream data role.

Benefits of our Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Stand out, intrigue recruiters, with a finely-tuned, optimized LinkedIn profile commands attention written by real Data Scientists, not impersonal AI algorithms.

Get Noticed By Decision Makers

Create a profile that will make you competitively stand out and shape your online presence to open new doors of opportunity.

Time Saved, Focus Enhanced

Let us save you time and effort so you can focus on other aspects of your job search.

Rise Above The Competition

In the dynamic data realm, a keyword optimized LinkedIn profile stands out, securing your coveted data role.

Invite Interviews, Embrace Triumph

Experience a surge in interview invitations, fast-tracking your journey towards achievement.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

With a decade of data hiring insight, we align your LinkedIn profile with industry demands for better prospects.

Pave the Path to Employment Triumph

Optimized LinkedIn profiles bolster your noticeability and enhance your chances of seizing your desired job by radiating competence.

Client Testimonials


“My Data Career Coach’s guidance and expertise have had a lasting impact on my career, and I feel lucky to have worked with them.”



Ready To Secure Your Dream Data Job?

Garner attention from hiring managers with our optimized LinkedIn Profile service. Carve a path to professional triumph and invest in your future today. Unlock your potential now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase one or more of our packages, you can cancel the service at any time by contacting us. Your cancellation will take effect immediately. 

Once you purchase a package, our team will send you an email requesting some initial information such as your current resume, LinkedIn profile URL, link to your Data Science portfolio, and the Data Science roles you are interested in.

After purchasing a package, we will reach out to you to request some initial information and schedule mentoring consultation(s). The duration of the packages may vary depending on the package purchased and how promptly you provide us with the required information and are available for the consultations. Typically, the process takes 1-2 weeks.

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